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Can you access your money without loss?

Liquidity provides you with financial security and access to potential opportunities. Regardless of the value of your assets, without access to liquidity, you may run into many financial problems. Poor cash or lack of liquidity can be one of the reasons people struggle financially.

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Are there rules for using your money?

The ability to use money, whether you need cash to buy a new car, make a down payment for a new cottage, or finance a vacation, is vital for achieving your financial goal. Are you aware of those rules and restrictions for using money from your saving or investment accounts?


Who's in charge of your money?

The possibility of having control over your money, and knowing the rules of how to use your money means you are in charge of your money. Those who make and change the rules of how to use money are the ones who have control. 


Do you have the insight to manage your money?

There are many ways to expand your knowledge. You can do this by personal education, by experiences you gain from the things you do, or by learning from people you meet. We can help you understand how liquidity, use, and control of money work.


If you're facing some complex financial decisions, such as where does your money flow or how much should you save and invest to be financially secure to retire comfortably, we are here to work with you to understand your current financial needs, priorities and concerns and where you want to be. Therefore, this will enable us to provide you with the best advice on how to achieve your financial goals so you can gain confidence that you will be able to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. Overall, we offer the following financial assessments:

Cash Flow and Debts Assessment

It’s not what you earn but what you keep that matters. As a matter of fact, many people know what they earn but very few people know what they spend. Firstly, we will assess your current expenses. Secondly, we will evaluate your financial needs and objectives. Thirdly and most important, we assist you to maximize every dollar you earn in order to ensure your financial health. As the world changes, so do our financial realities. Therefore, we can help you to make smart money decisions that can give you control of your money, now and in the future. Given that, we can help you become proactive instead of reactive with your money.

Financial Retirement Assessment

It starts with assessing and understanding how much money you need for retirement, knowing how you intend to live during retirement, and even when and where you want to retire. Basically, we help you find out how much you need to save on a monthly or annual basis to be able to retire at your desired standard of living and ensure your money lasts throughout your life expectancy. However, if you chose to remain on your current course of action, we can help you find out where your current retirement savings plan will bring your standard of living in retirement and how long will your money last throughout your life expectancy. We can help you understand what choices you can make today to ensure your saving and investing will fund your retirement.

Estate Planning Assessment

Protecting your estate and efficiently passing along your hard-earned assets go beyond drafting a will. While none of us likes to think and talk about dying, improper planning can lead to family disputes and long court litigation, excess money paid in estate taxes, or assets getting into the wrong hands. By working with us, you can ensure that your family maintain their lifestyle in the event you’re no longer here, and provide liquidity for tax consideration so they will be able to continue living the life you envision for them to live.


To help clients receive the proper advice, education, and information, so they can live with clarity, confidence, and control.

Become Great With Money

You can become great with money. Actually, you can take your financial health from good to great. It all starts with understanding how money flows, knowing exactly where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Know the financial rules and play a more efficient financial game. Solidify your financial health and stop losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily.

Achieve Comfortable Retirement

You can achieve a comfortable retirement when you start to make your future a priority. Advance planning, financial self-discipline, saving, and reducing spending can help you meet your financial retirement needs. Maximizing retirement income in tax-efficient ways requires smart decisions around complex topics such as CPP/QPP, OAS, RRSP, and TFSA withdrawals.

Leave Meaningful Legacy

Proper estate planning is crucial to efficiently protect and then pass the assets to your heirs. Working with professionals e.g. financial planner, lawyer, notary, accountant, and insurance specialist ensures that you receive appropriate advice and expertise that are always up-to-date on changes in legislation, income, or estate tax laws so your bequests will not be impacted.


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