Critical illness insurance for baby
Critical illness insurance for baby is essential for a family’s financial security plan. Consider the Roy family. The Roy family consists of dad - Jack, mom - Sarah and two children: Olivia (age 5) and Nathan (age 2). Since Jack and Sarah are both breadwinners, each of them already has a life and critical illness [...]
Travel insurance for Quebec residents traveling abroad is a must?
Traveling soon out of Quebec ? Did you just finish planning your next trip abroad? Don’t forget to shop for your travel insurance for Quebec residents, too. Doesn’t matter if it’s a business or pleasure trip, the travel insurance as a Quebec resident traveling abroad is a necessary part of planning for your travel needs. [...]
Is Critical Illness Insurance for Child Worth it?

Is Critical Illness Insurance for Child Worth it? It depends… Let me ask you: Are you a kind of that crazy parent who does everything to protect your child? What are you doing to protect the health of your kid? Are you buying the proper sports equipment?

Are you in control of your money to become financially secure?

Today we are going to talk about money. As the financial guru, Warren Buffet said: “If poor people would just do what rich people do, they wouldn’t be poor anymore”. So basically, to “get rich” you must do what rich person does. In fact, you must be in control of …

Life Insurance, a NEED or a WANT Product?

Life Insurance is the most known and affordable product that you can use to protect your life. But, do you think that is a “NEED” product or a “WANT” product? If someone depends on you financially you probably… WANT life insurance. Let’s talk about…

Uninsured – How you can benefit from no medical exam life insurance

First of all, your family depends on you. And, you just realized that life insurance is indispensable… (you can calculate your life insurance needs HERE). In other words, you WANT life insurance and you are willing to…

Bank Mortgage Insurance or Private Mortgage Insurance?

Did you purchase bank mortgage insurance when you’re arranged for your mortgage? Many people do. Mortgage insurance is offered through your bank to cover the balance of your mortgage in the event, you passed away. Banks offer this type of

Do You Need Critical Illness Insurance?

You are considered a nice guy. You got kids, a mortgage, a car – pretty much like everyone else. The life looks good, at least in your mind. But, one day you feel a pain in your body. A few days later the pain is so intense that you decide to go to the hospital. Then, you get the news…

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